The Commonwealth Golfing Society wafounded soon after the 1939/45 world war to encourage members of those countries which form The Commonwealth of Nations and who were resident in Great Britain to meet together regularly for the purpose of playing golf. Our Mother society was The Lucifer, renowned for its Commonwealth associations and regular meetings of keen golfers.

Over the years a series of trophies have been presented to the Society by many well-wishers that are played for annually. The Society has maintained the National Identity of its members by competing for the Lucifer Trophy (team competition) whilst at the same time insisting on the integration of their members on the day of competition. A country or group of countries act as Host Nation at each of our six main
meetings, providing the prizes for that day.

A National from any Commonwealth Nation including the United Kingdom, an existing or past member of staff of the Government Offices of a Commonwealth Nation, the Staff of Representative Boards or similar bodies of the Commonwealth Nations and others who are directly engaged in business with a Commonwealth Nation may apply for membership of The Commonwealth Golfing Society .

  Email: info@commonwealthgolf.org